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Vijaysingh Mohite Patil School and College of Nursing and Medical Research of Institute, Akluj.


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Medical Surgical Nursing Department

The Department of Medical surgical Nursing delineates the beliefs, roles and functions that characterize the specialty practice of nursing profession. The department focuses on to design and implement curriculum to acquire in- depth knowledge and skill needed to function in different settings in providing preventive, promotive and rehabilitative care.

The faculty of the department aims at bringing change in attitude and self directed learning to maintain professional standards. We emphasize on incorporating complimentary/alternative therapies in providing comprehensive care considering life span changes and diversity in culture.


  • To equip the students with scientific knowledge and develop proficiency in caring for patients with medical surgical disorders in various health care settings and in community with evidence based practice
  • To equip the students to appreciate the patients as a holistic individual and develop skills to function as specialized medical surgical nurse to assume various roles as a leader.