Nursing is one of the oldest professions. It is said the first mother is the first nurse. Nursing has grown form mother’s caring of family member’s health status up to today’s Professional Nurse who gets educated at the institutions of higher education of nursing and practices in varied health care settings at Local, State, National and Inter — National Levels.

A nurse needs to compete in today’s health care world of scientific excellence; advancement and precision. We believe that a graduate nurse of this college will not only take up leadership role at health care setting but will also get involved in ongoing research activities to update his / her knowledge and practice.

At Vijaysinh Mohite —Patil college of nursing and medical research institute Akluj the students will find rich academic and clinical ambiance to facilitate their learning which in return will stimulate the fulfillment of their academic and future goals. Here the students receive well-rounded pedagogy along with realistic and empirical training in the state of art laboratories and comprehensive, coordinated first-contact, and longitudinal patient care environment, along with rich community health nursing exposure which will help them to build their own professional personality as competent and confident nurses. The students will enjoy every bit of their learning experience through curricular, co curricular and extracurricular activities especially tailored for them. Our institute is including rich clinical settings, central libraries, in campus hostels, mentoring and counseling services, transport facilities, free medical services and sports & cultural

River have work of flow of the water ,tree have a work of give fruit and shadow just like that if you want to became a successful nurse joint in our institute yours will became true

I wish you all a happy and rewarding learning experience in this institute

Mary Sumathi R.
VijaySinh Mohite Patil School And College Of Medical Research And Institute