We believe that the nursing is an integral part of medical profession & we further believe that the nursing is a fast developing which maintains its nobility in all respect. We also believe that nursing personnel who are prepared to give comprehensive nursing care are important members of Health team.


The aim of this nursing college is to prepare qualified nursing care, in promotion of health care system in the community to meet any challenge in the health care.


1. To give training in nursing care of patients in all types of diseases.

2. To educate them to participate in various Programs in prevention of diseases & promotion of health in the community. They will carry out their Programs is co-operation with medical & Paramedical personnel.

3. To impart the knowledge & help them to develop skill to carry out the National Programs in prevention & treatment of diseases.

4. To help them to understand the emotional background, the physical & mental status of the diseased person.

5. To help them to understand the mental hygiene, ethical & moral standards involved in the practice of Nursing.

6. To prepare them to educate all others around them to have healthy living.

7. To keep up the standard of nursing profession.

To prepare them to take care of community health in rural areas, by regular home visiting, health education & domiciliary nursing care & midwifery